‘Keto food list’: 10 keto recipes you should know

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, I’m definitely going to make this keto recipe I’ve been wanting to try, but I don’t have time to cook for two.”

Then you might also be thinking, I could make this without eggs, or without butter, or with almond butter.

You’re welcome to do whatever you like, but we’re going to stick to the standard keto fare for now.

Here’s 10 of the most delicious keto foods you can get your hands on today.1.

Keto bread 2.

Kale salad 3.

Kefir 4.

Chicken soup 5.

Coconut coconut milk 6.

Spinach katsu roll 7.

Black bean rice bowl 8.

Kebab 9.

Egg noodles 10.

Kite katsu stir fry