Which foods are the best for you?

Food pyramid: Eat more than you eat, and you can avoid the worst of the world’s food problems.

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It’s easier to stay on track with your nutrition plan if you’ve already cut down on certain foods.

Read moreFood pyramid to cut food wasteFood pyramid has become a popular diet guide because it is the most straightforward and easy way to make sure you’re eating the right amount of food to meet your needs.

If you’re following the diet, you can also set up a food budget and track how much food you actually use each day.

But there are other ways to cut back on food.

Here are the foods you should avoid:• The Atkins DietFood pyramid is a popular way to cut down.

It involves a strict eating pattern that is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off.

If that diet sounds like it might be too restrictive, try the “healthy, low-calorie” Atkins diet, which has been proven to help people lose weight.Read less