When a New York City woman gets a job as a cook at an impossible food stock

The first thing you notice about New York’s food scene is the number of chefs.

More than two dozen restaurants serve everything from fish tacos to shrimp tacos, and nearly half of all the food sold is impossible.

But for some of the city’s top chefs, that’s a blessing.

It’s not only that the supply of ingredients is so great, but the quality of food, said Jamie Lee Jones, who co-founded Impossible Foods, a company that makes everything from Impossible Burger to Impossible Eggplant to Impossible Bologna.

“We can make a dish that is 100 percent vegetarian, but still be delicious,” she said.

When you get a job like that, you’re a part of something that is totally unexpected and you’re not used to that.

Jones and her team have been lucky to be able to work on Impossible Foods’ Impossible Burger.

It’s made from ground beef and ground pork, with vegetables from a nearby farm.

The company is selling the Impossible Burger in stores this week.

“It was one of the first foods I cooked when I was in high school, and it’s one of my favorite things ever,” Jones said.

“I think it’s the perfect way to start a new career.”

For the past three years, Jones has worked at Impossible Foods and her husband is a cook.

The couple’s youngest daughter, Kaya, is in college, and they want to open a restaurant and create a career for their daughter, who is also a culinary school graduate.

They have their sights set on opening a restaurant on the East Side, where they believe the neighborhood is more affordable.

They plan to have their restaurant in the East Village by the end of this year.

“The East Village is a great spot for restaurants,” Jones told ABC News.

“It has an affordable rent, it’s a walkable area.

I think we’re going to find that a really good market.”

The idea of making Impossible Foods food seems too far out to imagine right now.

But in the coming months, Jones hopes to be a part-time chef working at a new restaurant and helping to bring the company to life.

For the first time in decades, the industry is expanding fast.

The restaurant industry in the U.S. is projected to grow by 50 percent by 2025, according to a recent report from the Association of Restaurant and Lodging Manufacturers.

And in the next five years, food-services workers are expected to be paid at or above $14 an hour, up from $9 an hour today, according a report by the Economic Policy Institute.

For some people, the restaurant industry is a dream job.

But Jones and other New York chefs are finding it hard to find work.

They’ve never seen it like this. “

But when we’re in the office, we are constantly being told to quit our jobs, that our time is better spent in a kitchen.

They’ve never seen it like this.

There’s a big demand for these jobs.

We’ve had chefs who’ve been at Impossible for a decade who have been offered jobs as part-timers and full-time cooks.

They’ve been told to move on to something else, but we don’t.

For a lot of people, this is the most rewarding time of their life, but for me, this dream job is not just about what I want, but what I need.

It is an honor.”