How to order Chinese food delivery from the Philippines

Here’s how to order the Chinese food delivered from the Philippine island of Palawan to you and your friends.


Find a Chinese restaurant in Manila.

The closest Chinese restaurant to Manila is the Chinese restaurant at the Philippine Embassy in Manila, the most popular Chinese restaurant for Chinese tourists.

You’ll want to book in advance.


Make reservations in advance in a designated Chinese restaurant.

Ask for reservations in English or Spanish, and ask the restaurant staff to translate your order.

The menu in Mandarin or Cantonese will also be in English and Spanish.

If you want to order at a restaurant where you won’t be seen by your family, make sure to ask your server if he will speak your language.


Use the Chinese menu to order.

Ask the waitress if they can translate your dish or if they have a specific dish.

If not, ask to order another dish.


Order the dishes at your own convenience.

Make sure you order only what you need.

You can also choose to pay for the meal online, or by phone, if you have an iPhone.


Wait for your order to arrive.

After your order arrives, return the order and bring the restaurant with you.


Ask a waiter if you can pick up the order.

If the waiter asks, just take the dish to the counter and take your money and return it to the waiter.


Return the dish and pay the cashier.


The restaurant staff will take care of the rest.


Pay your tab and pay your bill.


Enjoy your meal and send your tip to the Chinese embassy.