Dog food made with ‘fake ingredients’ could be dangerous for pets

A dog food maker has launched a new dog food made from fake ingredients that could be a dangerous threat to pet health.

Dog food makers are facing increased scrutiny for making foods containing harmful ingredients, including soy and fish, in an effort to combat rising obesity rates and the threat of foodborne illness.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of Canada (FSSAO) has warned that dog foods made with these ingredients are likely to be unsafe for humans, but a new product has emerged promising to meet the FDA’s concerns.

The new product is called “The Real Stuff Dog Food” and it claims to contain “100% real ingredients” that are “created with real ingredients and animal-tested to meet stringent safety standards.”

The food is marketed as a “premium dog food” and claims to be “made from 100% real and real ingredients.”

It’s also said to be made from “organic soybeans, rice, legumes, grass-fed beef, and chicken.”

The FSSAO says that the product’s label indicates that it contains only “100 percent real ingredients,” which it said “may not be consistent with the information provided on the product label.”

A spokeswoman for DogfoodDirect, which is owned by a company called Dogfoods, told Vice News that the company’s label on its products clearly states that “no artificial color, preservatives, flavorings, salt, sugar, sodium, nitrates, gluten, egg, corn or soy.”

However, the company did not provide any other information about the ingredients.

The spokesperson said that it’s “standard practice” for the company to disclose ingredients in products.

“The Food Safety & Standards Authority is working to ensure that all of our products meet the standards of the Food Standards Canada,” Dogfooddirect’s statement reads.

“As we continue to evaluate the safety of our product, we will continue to share our findings with the FSSCA and the relevant authorities.”

The spokesperson did not say whether the company has tested its products for ingredients.

In a statement, the FSFSAO said it “continues to evaluate all the ingredients in all of the products we offer, and has received numerous reports of possible safety issues.”

It added that it has “recently received information from an accredited lab that suggests that the use of soy and its derivatives, such as soybean meal, can increase the risk of food borne illness.”

In a blog post, the FSAO said the company was “responsible” for ensuring that the products it sells met the agency’s standards.

“We have not seen this product in its entirety, but we have reviewed the product and can confirm that it is a very high-quality product,” the agency said.

“To date, we have found no evidence that this product is unsafe for consumption.”

The FSAO also warned that products made with the products found in this food could “contaminate the environment and pose a risk of human health.”