How to use a fast food bag in India

Food storage containers can be a useful tool for storing and transporting food in India.

The country is the world’s third-largest food exporter after China and the United States, and there are over 1.3 billion fast food and snack containers.

Fast food restaurants can be useful for storing food in the country as there are no food banks, which often struggle to handle the burden of providing emergency food assistance to vulnerable populations.

Food storage containers have become a popular choice for foodstuffs like rice, pulses, lentils and vegetables.

Some fast food restaurants have also set up food storage containers for other foodstacks, including rice, beans, vegetables and pulses.

Food storage container(s) are usually used in India as they are cheap and easy to transport, but they can also be useful in the field of food storage. 

How to use food storage containerHow to Use a fast-food bag in Indian fast food chain This post has been modified from an article originally published on The Hindu on May 11, 2018.