How to create a healthy meal with pasta, meat and potatoes

It’s been a good week for food, as we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of recipes we’re sharing online.

Here are a few of our favourites, as well as a selection of tips and tricks for getting the most out of this week’s crop of recipes. 


Get your hands dirty 1.

Make your own sauce and sauce saucepot 2.

Serve it up on the grill 3.

Get creative with your pasta and meats 4.

Use a few herbs and spices to your advantage 5.

Try a fresh spinach dip or a simple vegetable salad.


Use your fork to make a potato scramble 7.

Get a little creative with these savory dips 8.

Use the microwave to cook your veggies 9.

Cut your veggies in half and bake them for a crunchy, crispy, and delicious snack 10.

Make a vegetable soufflé and bake it for an easy dinner party snack 11.

Try this dish for a quick, easy and delicious dinner, dinner party meal, or to start a meal with 12.

Try these easy soups for a healthier dinner or to go on a healthy holiday with friends and family 13.

Enjoy a salad, with or without cheese 14.

Use an apple to make an easy salad 15.

Enjoy this tasty pasta dish for an awesome dinner party 16.

Use fresh herbs and vegetables for a healthy dinner, meal party, or a snack with friends or family 17.

Try some simple soups to create your own salad or salad mix 18.

Make this tasty salad or soup with a little fresh fruit 19.

Try one of these simple soup combinations for a salad and dinner party 20.

Make these quick soups that are a healthy and easy way to start your day!


Try an easy and healthy recipe for this salad 22.

Try to get creative with this recipe for pasta and potatoes.


Get the most from your pasta or meat 22.

Use herbs and spice blends to your favour, with this one for a great dish or meal!


Use these quick soup recipes for a snack or lunch!


Try the recipe for a pasta and chicken soup or salad with vegetables.


Try our recipe for these savoury chicken or vegetable salad salads 27.

Try out a great salad and pasta dish with this classic recipe 28.

Make an easy soup with this tasty recipe for chicken and pasta!


Try something different this week for a dinner party, lunch or dinner party with friends. 


Cooking for the Family 2.

Make dinner for the family! 


Create a pasta dinner recipe and share it on Facebook! 


Use these delicious pasta recipes for your next meal or meal party! 


Try these delicious meal ideas for a meal party or meal recipe! 


Start a meal at home with these tasty dinner recipes! 


Give this recipe a try this week! 


Get your hands messy and learn how to make pasta for a family meal. 


Prep your own pasta and meat recipe. 


Set up your kitchen with these easy pasta recipes.


Make a delicious pasta dish using these simple pasta recipes!


Take a meal from this recipe and make a meal for the whole family!


Learn how to use your microwave to make this dish. 


These savory pasta dishes are a great way to take a simple meal with friends, family or a family get together! 


Have a simple pasta dish to start or to get everyone together. 


Mix up some of your favourite pasta dishes with these recipes. 


Add some fresh herbs or spices to make something new and interesting for a party or dinner! 


Enjoy this dish with your family, friends or a meal.


Grab your favorite pasta and bake!


The next time you are in a hurry, make a salad using this easy salad recipe!