‘Costco Food Court’ for Diabetics

Costco Food Courts are a great way to keep a healthy diet for diabetic patients, as long as you can afford to pay for the food.

With a menu that includes low-fat, low-calorie options, these specialised facilities can also be used by those who are unable to attend regular events.

This is why a new one opened on Monday to cater to diabetic patients in New York.

There is even a section for people who cannot afford to travel to the city.

However, this is only one of a number of specialised food courts opening across the US.

Here are 10 that you should check out:  1.

  Costco Center in Brooklyn (NY) Costca Food Court is a specialised restaurant catering for patients with diabetes. 

The food court serves up dishes such as pasta, salads, sandwiches, soups and desserts. 

This is a good place to check out if you have a limited budget. 

Costcadino is an Italian restaurant which specializes in the specialty Italian cuisine, but also offers vegetarian and gluten free options.  2.

    Dietitians food court (Los Angeles) If you are looking for something a bit more traditional than your regular buffet, the Dietitians food court is the place to go.

This restaurant offers a large selection of food, which is always a plus, and also a free Wi-Fi. 


New York Costcas Food Court (New York) This food court was originally designed to cater for people with diabetes, but now is also catering for people living with a chronic condition such as diabetes.

The menu has over 200 dishes, which range from a salad bar to a pasta dinner. 


   Costco Food Court at Pinellas (Fla.) 

Costa Costa Costuas Food court is a large restaurant that is located in the heart of Ponte Vedra Beach in Pinellas County, Florida. 5.

          Dinner at              Diner in               Florida Costos Food Court at   Ponte Vedre Beach (Florida) Located in Ponce de Leon in Tampa, this food court can accommodate up to 300 diners. 6.

         Costas Restaurant at           ‘Ponte Vidalia’ (Tampa, Florida) The restaurant at Ponte Vidalia has a huge menu of dishes, with more than 200 items on offer, and serves up everything from pasta to salads. 7.

                                          Costais Resturant in              Ponte-Vidali (Miami) Diners can enjoy their lunch or dinner at this restaurant located in South Beach in Miami Beach. 


   Coste Restorations food court at    New York (N.Y.) 

The New York Food Court was designed to help people who are diabetic, and is the first food court in the US to offer a range of low- and no-cal meals to those who have diabetes.

The menu includes over 200 meals, as well as some gluten-free options.

9.         Costis Restuarts Food Courts at       ‘D’Amato (Milwaukee) A new restaurant has opened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which will cater to patients with chronic conditions.

The food court has over 300 dishes, and offers gluten-friendly options.10.             Costca Food  Court in   Newark (NJ) At Costacas restaurant, diners can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, such as a pasta sandwich, salad bar, soupy and homemade soups, and more. 


 Pollo Resto Foodcourt in                               Boston  (MA) Boston’s newest food court offers up to 50 meals and snacks for $25 per person. 

12.   Costas Hospitality foodcourt (Bristol) Dr. John Costas will serve up a variety and affordable meals at this foodcourt in Bristol, England. 13. 

               Costas Food court  in Costacas (Madrid) Pico de Mayo Restos Resta is the Spanish word for ‘mixed’.

This is a popular food court that offers a wide variety of food to suit any tastes. 


 Costas Restaurants food courts (Dubai) It is very rare for a food court to offer free food to diabolics, but that has been the