Brazilian cuisine in a nutshell: A dish you won’t forget

The food on the menu of Victor Dog Food, a Bali-based chain, is a bit of a cheat.

According to the company, the main ingredient in its products is not meat but fish, chicken and even goats.

“It is all sourced locally and we are certified organic and have a 100 per cent traceability program,” Victor’s chief executive officer, Mark Clements, told the AFP news agency.

“The ingredients are all sourced from sustainable sources.”

Clements added that the company had recently opened a new restaurant in Bali’s capital, Bali, which would soon offer a menu with vegetarian dishes.

But, according to Clements and his fellow company bosses, the food they offer is not vegetarian and that it will be “very close to the traditional Bali dishes”.

It will be a change from the usual menu of Bali food, but it has not yet started selling in the local market.

In a statement, Clements said that the new restaurant would offer vegetarian dishes and that there would be a “real food” menu.

Clements has said the changes would be announced within two weeks.

Cargoes in the region have been on high alert, as the Bali government is seeking to curb the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country.

On Sunday, the government banned all imports of seafood products.

It also announced a 10 per cent excise on imported vegetables and a 10-year ban on meat and poultry.