How to help with Florida’s Food Stamps

The Food Stamp program in Florida is facing a new challenge.

In an attempt to improve its welfare record, the state is looking at changes to its food stamps program.

The program currently gives food stamps to 1.7 million people.

But it is facing an influx of people who are unable to pay the full amount.

The state wants to improve the welfare records of people that qualify for food stamps.

In a bid to do that, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCSF) is proposing changes to the program. 

The changes will be announced at a meeting on March 23.

Currently, those people that receive food stamps are required to pay about $2 per day to the state.

The new plan will mean that the money goes toward the cost of food for people who receive food aid.

The new plan also will increase the monthly cost of providing food stamps by $4. 

It is unclear what the new payment schedule will look like.

The DFSF has yet to decide on how to distribute the new money.

The DFSFs proposal is expected to be discussed at the state’s budget meeting on Thursday.