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A recent federal audit has found that the Food Lion food delivery service, which helps people with food insecurity and other food insecurity-related issues, isn’t doing enough to ensure the safety and security of its food.

Food Lion was awarded $9.9 million by the Department of Agriculture in April 2017 for the program’s “Keto Friendly Food Delivery Program.”

The USDA also awarded Food Lion a $4.3 million grant in 2017 for a food safety audit.

Food Lion has yet to provide any public data on the safety of its customers.

The audit, conducted by the Office of Inspector General, found that Food Lion had failed to properly train its drivers, food handlers, and delivery drivers about the proper use of restraints, the use of masking tape, and proper food storage and handling.

Food Lions food safety and integrity team was also “untrained, inadequately trained, and poorly funded,” according to the audit.

The USDA audit was also concerned with the company’s ability to maintain its business model, as well as its financial reporting.

The audit recommended the company “provide information to USDA on its business plan, finances, and performance metrics, including its operating income and the financial performance of Food Lion and its parent company.”